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We love to provide everyone with our plants. We ship from The Netherlands through all of Europe. If you like to buy our plants outside of Europe please contact us and we can make a custom made solution for you. 


We intend to ship your order always on mondays or tuesdays. We will pack your plant with the best care and safety measures for transport. We are not responsible for any damage or lost plants during transport but we will always do our best to find a solution if something happens.

Because of the summer holiday we will not ship so frequently as normal.

If you make an order we try to ship in 2-3 weeks untill the 1st of September


Resending plants is in our expierence something that doesn't make any plant happy. In case your purchase doesn't make you as happy as we intend, we will always do our best to find a solution for that matter.


We try to apply different payment methods in the nearby future we will try to add some different methods.


For wholesale please contact us for further information.

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